Easter is just around the corner, so I thought I’d do a little post about some of my favourite Easter activities! This year Easter falls during our spring break, so my plan is to do some Easter themed morning tubs starting before the break and then some whole class activities when we get back. I may not use all of these activities again this year, because of time restraints, but I have done all of them in the past and the kids have enjoyed them.

Easter Morning Tubs:

These were math and literacy centres I made last year, but I thought, seeing as these are already made, why not use them for morning tubs instead! The materials I used come from Dollarama, Hobby Lobby, and Target (last year Easter was right after Spring Break and I picked up a ton of stuff while visiting my parents in Palm Springs).

Math Tubs:

Easter Ten Frames:


I found this activity on TpT last spring, after I had purchased a billion bags of mini erasers from Target. What I really like about it is the opportunity for differentiation! I spoke with the kids about how they could choose which spinner they wanted to use. The spinners are a part of the TpT package, I just laminated them, poked a hole and added a paper clip to spin. We did have to have a little lesson about how to use the spinner (also – doing that is a great little fine motor activity!).

Decorating Easter Eggs math:

018d20ca66c15e543087d4325be261e819cc744f66.jpgAt some point last spring I found these pre-cut paper eggs (I think at Dollarama??). When I bought them I wasn’t sure what to do, but I grabbed a couple packs knowing that I’d figure something out (or they’d sit in my box of Easter stuff until I did). Well, enter this idea! So simple! I created a recording sheet , cut the shapes (using my cricut and construction paper), put out pencils and glue, and that’s it. I’ve done a similar activity with creating animals or creatures using shapes and it’s always been a hit! It’s a great way to infuse some math into your art!

Easter Ten Frame Game

Check out the Kindersmarten who lined all the number cards up in order!

This activity, even though it has the same name as the previous Ten Frame activity, is different! For this one, the kids are supposed to choose a number and build the ten frame to match. Again, super simple. I printed the pages on card stock (through our divisional printshop) and then laminated them.  The mini erasers are tiny bunnies from Target! Seriously, if you want to kidnap a Kindergarten teacher, just tell them you have Target mini erasers…they will follow you. We love those things!

I ❤ Target mini erasers!

Weighing Eggs


This was a really fun activity for the kids…but it was one that needed some adult guidance (my student teacher sat at this centre and helped the kids). The objective was to weigh the eggs. I had 8 plastic eggs, of various sizes, that I filled with different materials (rocks, pompoms, coins, etc). I had the scale sitting in a cupboard (I’m sure someone at your school has one…or something similar), same with the counting bears. Then I made a recording sheet and added a cup of pencils to the table. The kids took turns choosing an egg (I numbered the eggs with a sharpie) and placing it in one of the scale buckets. Then they took turns adding counting bears into the other bucket while counting. Great little activity for counting, trusting the count, and comparing size and weight. We had lots of chats about the fact that just because an egg was bigger didn’t mean it was the heaviest.

Egg-cellent Words

01098db6aba0d17a9c5463cb125661229c3aa354f4.jpgThis was another simple set up. I numbered some plastic eggs and then added the letters to make up our sight words. I numbered the eggs and then popped the letters inside. The letters are upper case letter beads similar to these. I made 3 different recording sheets, one where the eggs were numbered and empty, one where the eggs had the words written in them, and ones where the words were there, but in light gray (which you can see in the picture above). The activity went really well, as I was able to make it more challenging for the students who already knew their sight words and accessible for the kids that weren’t there yet. The snafu I didn’t expect what the running of the tub. In my brain, I assumed the kids would know to put the letters back into the eggs after they were done with them. Well, you know what they say about assuming things. As you can see from the picture, the kids were not putting the letters back into their eggs. I’m still trying to figure out how to fix that problem (other than hovering over the kids as they work).

Bunny Munch Mix-Up


This activity is pretty much the same as the one above, but with different containers (from Hobby Lobby) and scrabble letters. I think I had 2 sets of centres going at the same time (one math and one literacy) and was grasping at straws for activities…

That being said, I do really like this activity!! Probably because of the cute carrots! But it did have the same issue as the egg activity…all the letters got mixed up!

Alphabet Eggs


This is a super easy (and fun) activity! I took 26 eggs, various sizes and colours, and wrote upper case and lower case letters on them. I then broke the pairs up and put them into the basket. The kids job was to find the matching pairs. Very low maintenance and something all the kids were successful at…mostly….

Found this “match” on the floor as the kids were working in their centres and obviously had to take a picture!

Roll and Record

017a1042376700429425c25a5b598d6a770d0de61cI love roll and record activities! They are so simple, but the kids love them! They are another great activity to leave for a sub too! To make it a little more exciting I added Easter stamps for marking which numbers they rolled. I think if I do this one again, I may put the pages into page protectors and use whiteboard markers to cut down on paper waste. ps all the dice were pink by the time we were done with these centres!

Whole Group Activity:

Egg Basket Number Hunt


In my previous post, I talked about my letter hunts. Besides getting to use the clipboards, my students love the letter hunts because they love finding stuff! And seeing as I was doing Easter activities, I obviously had to do an egg hunt. Instead of chocolate, I had the kids searching for numbers! Throughout the year we have been working on recognizing numbers in different forms (numerals, ten frames, dot patterns, tally marks, words), so I decided to use those for a hunt! I made a bunch of number eggs and Numbered Baskets. I laminated everything and spent an evening cutting out all of my eggs (thank goodness for Netflix!). I stuck the eggs around the room using sticky tac (I love that stuff) and put the numbered baskets on our white board. As I mentioned before, my kids are old pros at “hunts” so they knew what to do! I did have the stipulation that they could only bring me one egg at a time and they had to say what the number was before sticking it “in” it’s basket. There were a ton of eggs, so it took a while to find them all, but it was so fun and a great kinaesthetic activity!

Those are all of the Easter literacy and numeracy activities that I have to share…there are others that I’ve done that were a total flop, so I’m not going to post those ones. Even some of these were not stellar – but I figure maybe someone else will figure out how to make it run more smoothly (seriously comment below if you have a good way to get the kids to put their letters back in their eggs/containers).

That’s all for now! Thanks for reading. If you have any questions, feel free to comment!