In a previous post, I mentioned that I have a running list of the morning tubs I’ve done so far this year. I’m hoping that by keeping a list on my computer, it will make getting tubs ready easier/faster next year. Will I do all the exact same tubs next year? Probably not. There were definitely some tubs that were not the best…too much work for me or too much for the kiddos. But by having a list pre-made of ideas it should make the planning portion of morning tubs much easier (I have spent soooo many hours on Pinterest looking up ideas and stalking other teachers Instagram/blogs for inspiration).

So…my favourite thing to find on all those Pinterest posts and other teachers blogs? Big ol’ lists of ideas!! My list I have on my computer is pretty darn boring…so I’ll try to make this a little more exciting and add some pictures (because who doesn’t love pictures?!).

My Morning Tubs so far this year…

September 11

  • Magna formers
  • Pompom and tweezers
  • Foam 3D shapes
  • Pattern blocks
  • Large plus plus
  • Dominoes 

September 19 

  • Dienes blocks (wooden)
  • White boards
  • Magnet wands and foam magnet blocks
  • Loose parts faces
  • Hand tongs and plastic acorns
  • Tinker toys 

September 25 

  • Lacing cards
  • Small stacking cups
  • Large wooden beads
  • HWT letters and plastic leaves/acorns
  • Hole punching
  • Wood tree blocks (ps I cut all those blocks myself!! With “adult” supervision)

October 27

  • Calming bottles
  • Tennis ball monsters
  • Small stacking cups/popsicle sticks
  • Magna doodle
  • Gourds/small pumpkins and magnifying glasses

October 10  

October 16 

  • Rangoli designs
  • Leaf rubbing
  • Straw pieces and pipe cleaners
  • Linking popsicle sticks
  • Foam blocks and tongs
  • Gourds and balance scales
    Rangoli Designs PDF

October 23 

  • Golf tees, tongs, and ping pong balls
  • Flies and tweezers (string web in basket)
  • Letter hunt bin (coloured macaroni)
  • Halloween jewels and HWT shapes
  • Flies, tweezers, and names
  • Letter puzzles 

October 30 

  • Halloween I Spy
  • Jack O’Lantern Faces (play doh)
  • Letter hunt (sensory bin)
  • Halloween designs
  • Pom pom monsters & dice
  • 5 Little Pumpkins sitting on the gate STEM
    Blank Pumpkin mats PDF

November 8 

November 20 

  • Letter shapes
  • Lego Letters
  • Geoboard letters
  • Lego avatars
  • Bead string patterns
  • Wiki Stix numbers
    Link to Lego Avatar
So, I totally had other pictures of kids making words and shapes, but I couldn’t pass up sharing this little Kindersmartens word creation…hehe 
Also, here’s the link for the lego letters!

November 30 

  • Eraser trees
  • I spy letter ornaments
  • Magnaformers and bells
  • Ornaments on tee trees
  • Dreidels and timers
  • Holiday pokey pins
    Link to Holiday Pokey Pink
Big shout out to my sister Jen, who hauled a billion bags of mini erasers in her luggage when she came back from visiting our parents in California! Thanks Jenny!

December 11 

  • Christmas pattern blocks
  • I Spy bin
  • Candy Cane letter writing
  • Loose part trees
  • Kwanzaa bead patterns
  • Kwanzaa Mkeka designs
Link to Ornament Letters

January 8 

January 17 

January 26 

  • Build a bridge for the gingerbread man
  • Ginger bread man loose parts
  • Gingerbread letter writing (in salt)
  • Dominoes
  • Pokey pin
  • Gingerbread letter sound matching
    Link to Gingerbread Letter Sound Match

February 7 

  • Snap cubes
  • Letter hunt sensory bin(white rice and coloured letter noodles) with wipe off recording sheet
  • Valentine designs with loose parts
  • Tweezer and heart count in sensory bin (black beans)
  • Roll and cover hearts (2 dice)
  • Valentine eraser patterns
I have to admit, these pictures are from last year (when I used these for math centres), I know I took pictures this year but for the life of me I can’t find them!

February 15 

  • Valentine words with lower case letter magnets
  • Chinese New Year sensory bin (with chop sticks and pompoms)
  • Roll to 100
  • Chinese New Year writing trays (words and letters)
  • Chinese New Year loose part designs
  • 100 stacking cups
  • Please excuse the “fogginess” of these pictures…I didn’t realize my lens was so smudgy!

February 28

  • Word puzzles
  • Racing readers
  • Peg boards
  • Number gators
  • Nuts and bolts
  • Shape designs

I will do another post, perhaps near the end of the school year (assuming I’m still on the blogging train) with the rest of the tubs I do for the year! I plan to do post that focus a little more of specific tubs, like the ones that are “themed” (Valentine’s day, Halloween, etc.), it just may take me a while to get to those.

One more thing… I’ve kind of developed a bit of a rule (not necessarily on purpose, more like a happy accident) when creating my tubs. When I plan my upcoming tubs I try to make sure I have at least one of the following:

  • 2 literacy based activities
  • 2  numeracy based activities
  • 1 STEM type of activity
  • 1 Creative/design activity

That being said, it isn’t a hard and fast rule (there are times when the tubs are way more literacy than numeracy for example). Tis’ merely a guideline…


Thanks for reading! Please feel free to comment below if you have any questions about what I’ve posted today. I’m always happy to share my ideas and any resources I can, because ya’ know, sharing is caring 🙂