So, in my decision to start blogging again, I found this post that I had started back in AUGUST that I had every intention of posting, but didn’t! So I figured, I’d post it now! Happy reading!

So, last fall I set up this blog with grand plans of posting all of my ah-mazing ideas. However, after a month of school I fell of the blogging band wagon and was sucked into the vortex of a crazy school year.

All I can say is last year was brought to you by the letters C and B (crazy and bananas). Thank goodness for amazing teaching partners and cheap wine in a box, otherwise I may have been exploring other career options! (I want to say I’m just joking…but that’s only 75% true).

Anyways! New year, new kids, and it’s going to be great!!! (Right?).

I haven’t done any major back to school projects (yet) but I have done a few little things. Over the summer I decided it was time to upgrade my Cricut machine. I got my original machine back in 2008 (I think), and it has served me well. But almost 10 years later, they have made some major improvements and I decided it was time to invest in the Cricut Explore Air 2 . (I have to add I bought it on Prime day for way less than it is currently listed.)

I used my old Cricut for several things in my classroom before, but it was a lot of work. Not with this new machine! Easy peasy! I made a bunch of letters for my Chicka Chicka Boom Boom bulletin board

Honestly I think I cut 50 letters and it took maybe 20 minutes?! I then laminated them and my awesome mom, wanting to help out, cut them out!

In previous years I have done the same activity, but never laminated the letters and therefore ended up recycling the letters. But after a friend introduced into an easy way to removed sharpie marker from laminating (do you know the trick??), I decided it was time to laminate my letters!!


Now I have a collection of large, laminated letters that I can use year after year! Hooray for saving time and paper!

2017 Back to School bulletin board! Letters and words made using my cricut!

I also used my Cricut to make the words that go with the bulletin board set! Everything is laminated so hopefully it lasts a long time!

ps – this is in no way a sponsored post…but if Cricut want’s to sponsor me, I’m totally up for it 😉