So, in my head it hadn’t been that long since I did a blog post. Boy was I wrong! While I’ve written a couple posts, I haven’t posted any of those posts since October 2016!! Bad blogger! So why am I suddenly posting now? I was chatting with a friend about her vlog (also teaching related) when she brought up my blog…and asked why I hadn’t blogged anything in so long.


I admitted that last year was a rough year. Probably the hardest year of my career. So naturally, while I was desperately trying to keep my head above water, my blogging fell to the way side. I still took tons of pictures (and will hopefully share those with you soon (all 3 of the people who subscribe to my blog 🙋🏽)), but I did not feel like a stellar teacher last year and therefore the idea of sharing my ideas seemed a little ridiculous! I was barely surviving, why would anyone want to hear my ideas?? My older sister, who is one of the smartest people I know, would say my inner critic got in the way and blocked me from seeing that I was not as horrible as I thought. When I look back, it wasn’t my best year as a teacher, but my kids did learn and by the end of the year had for the most part shown amazing growth! Strangely enough, in talking with my former student teacher (who is amazing btw, and not just because he brought me Starbucks on a regular basis) couldn’t believe it when I told him how inadequate I felt last year! He thought I was a kindergarten rockstar?!? So, perhaps my sucky-ness was just in my head?


Any way, I survived last year ( thank goodness for amazing teaching partners, a kick butt student teacher, and lots and lots of wine) and I will admit in august I started writing posts again about the start up of the school year. But I never posted them. Why? Well it started out with the fact that I was at the lake, and while I had pictures of the before (aka the making of materials) I needed the after. We all know everyone wants the before and after!! So my plan had been to take pictures when the year started of all my amazingly awesome teacher stuff and then start posting again.


It didn’t happened. The start of the year was busy! And then it got crazy…27 kindergarten students by the middle of October crazy! And while i had an amazing aid in my room, she could only do so much as she was connected to a student with special needs. I felt more like a zookeeper than a teacher. I will admit I was worrying that I was going to have another year of surviving not thriving.

However, a miracle happened!! We got a 3rd class!! Which meant I went from 29 kids (by the end of of October thats where I was!!) to 19!!!! It was glorious! I could talk with my kids, we had fun, we played and created, and best of all I got to TEACH!! (Shocking I know 🤣).

So, why didn’t I blog then?? Well, my teaching partner and I both felt like we were way behind, and therefore I’ve spent the last 4 months getting caught up (and being a wee bit lazy). But now, while I still feel school life is crazy busy, I feel ready to start sharing my ideas again.

If you’ve gotten this far – yeah!! And thank you! There isn’t much “teaching, content in this post, I know. I felt the need to explain myself, which I think is a product of being a teacher. We always feel the need to have a reason why we do something. What does the research say? What is the data on teaching this way? Why do you think singing like an absolutely nut job while dancing with your students helps them learn? We’re all about proving our thinking!!

Or perhaps I just needed to give an excuse for my absence…you decide.


Anyways, now that that is over, time to go add funny pictures and maybe write a real post about teaching!