So yesterday I said we would be doing the Leaf Man today – and we did!! We started by reading Lois Ehlert’s book Leaf Man.


The kids LOVED the story! Everyone was focused and we took our time going through and finding all the creatures and such made from leaves. We were having so much fun, that we ran out of time and had to go to gym before we could start our leaf creations.

We picked up on our creations after lunch. After doing our daily Yoga Story from Cosmic Kids Yoga (if you haven’t tried it – do it!! It’s great! My kids love them and its perfect to calm them down after lunch recess), we set to work on our creations.

Before the kids started we talked about what we needed to draw a person. It was a great little lesson on drawing people and gave me great insight into who knew what to draw for a person (as well as an example of our fine motor skills!!). I drew the items in exactly the order they told me (at one point we had hands and feet floating away from the body until one little giggled that we needed arms and legs because otherwise we’d lose our hands and feet!).

In the story, everything is made out of leaves. We just made our creations with one leaf.  I love how these turned out. They all have such great personality.

Last year I had one kindersmarten make a lead kitty, it was so cute – but sadly I didn’t take a picture.

This little kindersmarten decided to make his person as close to mine as he could. He did tell me though that his guy was bigger and mine was littler.

A little tip!! Have the kids choose a flat leaf and paint the back with lots of glue. I learned the hard way last year that the more dried, curled leaves were hard to work with because they crumbled with the kids were trying to draw and they didn’t stay glued as well.