Today a friend, and fellow K teacher posted a picture on her Facebook, and I have to say it made me laugh and made me feel so much better!

its a miracle if i can keep them all in the pond…

Today was one of those teacher days where I just said (not out loud of course!) wtf?! I felt like I was playing a life size version of whack-a-mole. Just when I thought I had everyone settled and ready to go, someone decided it was time to talk to their neighbour, to sprawl out of the run, or to see just how fluffy their friends hair is (I kid you not, she was petting everyone’s hair…).

Today was a gong show! BUT…in spite of their mole-ness and my teacher exhaustion (I have no voice left after today), I felt so good to know I wasn’t the only one! Sometimes it’s easy to think, when you have a crappy teacher day, that you are the worst and that its all your fault. Thank goodness for teaching partners (who also had a bananas day) and the World Wide Web for helping me not feel so alone today. 

And thank you wine for being the carrot that helped me make it to the end of the day!