And by one week I mean, 3 days!! 

This week has been a complete blur! Day one was completely chaotic. I was supposed to have 12 kids (we do a staggered start), and 17 showed up. It was bananas! Day two was a dream because there were only 7 kids! (And one was a repeat from day 1 but he was a doll!). I was bracing myself for day 3 with all 23 to be… well, it rhymes with hit ho. 

They say when you go through child birth, in the end you forget how painful it is because you are so happy/grateful in the end…I’ve never been through childbirth but I kind of wonder if the first few weeks of K are similar. I’m always flabbergasted in September by all the things they don’t know yet! Like, not touching the teachers bum or that friends don’t like when we try to sit on them (because they are in the spot we want to be in). I forget about the bathroom epidemic – when one asks to go and then the other 20+ suddenly and urgently have to pee! I forget about the fact that personal space isn’t a thing or that many of my Kindersmartens don’t understand that other people (including the teacher) have feelings. 

But…with all of that crazy banana-ness thee are silver lining moments. 

My little that screamed and cried for over an hour on the first day (until we called dad to come collect her) had an amazing day today!

All my smartens seemed to play well together and NO ONE CRIED!

My little dude who had an epic nosebleed was cool as a cucumber about the whole gushing blood thing

I got a ton of hugs from the grade ones who were my Ks last year (and a couple who weren’t)

And, my student teacher, who is the most positive and energetic young man I have ever met, brought me Starbucks…

Always find the silver lining โค๏ธ

And remember – it gets better!