Well today was day one of the 2016-2017 school year. You’d think after 10 years of teaching, this being my 11th September (how did that happen?), that I wouldn’t be a ball of nerves on the first day, but I was!! It’s funny how after so many years I still get nervous about the new Kinders coming into my room!

We do a staggered start for the first two days of school for K. Half of the kids today and half tomorrow. That’s what is supposedΒ to happen. Yet I ended up with 17 of my 23… oh well, maybe tomorrow will be a breeze? Ha! Today was kind of crazy. A couple of munchkins who seem to think they are in charge and one screamer/cryer. It was a difficult day but luckily I have some amazing partners and a kick-butt student teacher who definitely got thrown into the deep end and was a rockstar!

So…the point of this post? To tell you I survived the first day AND to show off my room!

These were ALL taken before the kidlets arrived…it wasn’t this clean by the end of the day !