Last summer while I was unpacking my classroom I kept staring at this one corner and thinking “it needs something”. I had painted bulletin boards, put up boarders, but this corner was just – blah. So that’s when I emailed my admin and asked how they felt about me painting a tree on the wall. To my surprise, she said yes!! And so it began!

I started out with a sketch…

Then I took some chalk and sketched out my tree.

Then the scary part…actually painting!! I went to Home Depot and bought 3 sampler cans of brown paint in different shades (all on the same paint chip actually). I started with painting my medium brown as an outline, and then filled it in. I used a sponge brush for the outline and a bristle brush to fill in.

I probably could have stopped here – but I had bought the 3 colours and I realized I could use them for shading and highlights and to give the tree some dimension.

The last painting steps were to make it funner…😎

(We used the tree as a growth chart)
When the paint was fully dry, I let it “cure” for a weekend, I got out my laminated leaves and sticky tac and gave the tree leaves! Throughout the year the leaves on this tree changed. For September Β they were green, then in October I started switching out the green leaves for fall coloured leaves. By December the tree was bare…but it did have decorations hanging from it for a couple of weeks (I am horrible at remembering to take pictures!!). In the spring the kids came in on day and the tree had buds and baby leaves. By the end of June it had full leaves again.

I love our tree…so much so when I moved my furniture around this summer I decided our tree needed a friend!