If you’re a teacher, and especially a K teacher, you understand how much prep work there is before the start of school! In older grades there is a lot the kids can do for themselves, like sticking labels on their notebooks or putting their supplies away. But if you work with the littles, it’s all up to you!! So, for the last few weeks I’ve been  getting my room kid ready. This weekend I was lucky enough to have two little ladies, my nieces Goose and P, help me sort and label!! 

Besides the standard labels for cubbies and table spots, I made the funnest (it’s so a word) clips to hang student artwork! The hope is, using these I’ll be able to avoid constantly stapling student work and it will make changing the bulletin boards easier!!

It all started with an idea from Pinterest! Then a trip to Dollar Tree and then Rona…

The little blackboards were gift tags – 4 in a pack from Dollar Tree. Then I bought a pack of wooden clothes pins, and a a bazillion thumbtacks.

Originally I just hot glued the tags onto the clothes pins, and then glued the tacks on (also with hot glue).

They looked great! I was so excited to put them up. I got into my classroom put one up to show a colleague, they thought I was sooooo crafty. Until I went to take it down and all the tacks came off!

So, off to Rona I went to buy (as my brother-in-law called it) Monkey glue…

Gorilla glue. More expensive than my dollar store hot glue, and it takes longer to dry – but it sticks! http://www.gorillatough.com/ (I’ve also used it a ton around my room and it’s great!).

The finishing touch for the art clips were the names. I used a liquid chalk marker to write on all the names and now they are ready to be hung and hang all the Kindersmartens work!

Now to stick all 20 up on my board evenly…